Types of Aesthetic Dental Procedures

Many people now go to dental clinics for cosmetic surgeries in order to improve the appearance of their teeth. Some people want to fix a defect that they have had all their life, while others need these procedures after an injury, such as a broken tooth. In any case, cosmetic dentistry helps to solve many problems with the appearance of teeth.

There are 6 main types of dental cosmetic procedures. They are offered in dental clinics and belong to the section of aesthetic dentistry, some of these procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Consider the main types of operations in aesthetic dentistry.

  1. The beauty of a smile: If you do not like your smile for one reason or another, the “smile design” is what suits you. This is a consultation of an aesthetic dentist, during which he will consider your smile and discuss various options for improving it. After that, one or more procedures will be recommended to improve the appearance of your smile. Perhaps you only need to whiten your teeth, or they will need restoration. You may need to install dental crowns from the dental office near me, or bite correction with braces. Sometimes all you need is to replace metal fillings with white ones so that your smile looks better in a short time. So that you can pre-evaluate the results of treatment, dentists usually prepare models of your future smile, how it will look after all the prescribed procedures.
  2. Teeth whitening: A simple procedure that in a short time and guaranteed to improve the appearance of your teeth. Most often, during this procedure, the dentist applies a gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the teeth and activates it with ultraviolet light. The procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. The gel neutralizes stains, yellowness on the teeth, reveals a natural color. The result is noticeable instantly, lasts for a long time, your teeth become 4-5 tones whiter. The result will last for about 3 years, but it can be longer if you care for your teeth correctly: use a whitening toothpaste, brush your teeth at least twice a day, do not use coffee and tobacco.
  1. Porcelain veneers: Pads, plates or crowns cover the front of the tooth to hide stains, cosmetic defects, chips, cracks and a slightly curved tooth shape. Porcelain is an extremely durable material; a crown made of porcelain will last you at least 15 years. They look natural, as they attach to your natural teeth after a little tooth enamel treatment. Veneer does not increase the thickness of the tooth, it looks completely natural and does not undergo abrasion over time, does not turn yellow and does not become stained.
  1. Seals: Amalgam metal fillings can be replaced with white fillings. Amalgam is usually used on back teeth, but if you smile broadly or when laughing, throat throw your head back, they can still be noticeable. White fillings are usually made from a mixture of acrylic resin and powder glass. The seal hardens with ultraviolet light. The characteristics of this material, the properties of the fillings are most close to the natural appearance of the tooth. White fillings will last you about 7-10 years.
  1. Contouring of the gums: If your gums are uneven, too high or too low, then this procedure is suitable for you to make your smile more beautiful. Despite the fact that this procedure relates to aesthetic dentistry, this operation is also prescribed for patients suffering from periodontal disease. Gum contouring is performed on the dental bed under local anesthesia and consists in removing tissue from the gums or adding tissue to the gums, depending on the desired result. The recovery period lasts at least a few days, but can be extended to two weeks.
  1. Restoration of the shape of the teeth: Changing the shape of the teeth can correct minor tooth defects such as friability and chipping. This procedure involves removing a small amount of surface enamel, after which the teeth acquire a uniform surface. Crowns are sometimes installed or a small amount of material is added to modify the shape of the tooth and give it a more aesthetic shape. If you take care of your teeth, the result will remain for a long time, and your smile will delight you with its beauty.


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