3 Common Misconceptions About Global Background Checks

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A business that is looking to hire a domestic candidate might not consider an international background check. This is commonly because they think that this is only needed when a person is coming in directly from out of the country. However, these global checks can be used for anyone that might be entering your business. Here are some of the common misconceptions about global background checks.

They’re Only for Foreign Workers

Just because a candidate that you’re considering currently lives in the country doesn’t mean that they always have. They might have previously lived, worked, or studied abroad. A global check of their background will allow you to determine any red flags that might have occurred while they were living in another country. This information won’t appear on domestic background checks and will ensure that you have all of the necessary information on that particular candidate.

All Background Checks are the Same

A common misconception is that all background checks can be completed the same way. A business probably has a process for completing a domestic background check and thinks they can do the same to acquire foreign information. This can be problematic because not all countries handle their information the same way. Some countries might be cooperative when you request information while others might be much more difficult. One of the primary reasons to hire a firm to handle these international checks is that they know how to handle these situations.

An International Background Check Takes Too Long

International background checks will take longer than domestic checks. While some might take a couple of more days, others might take several weeks. If it takes too long because you want to hire quickly, you might want to consider a domestic candidate. However, if you think that they’ll take another offer, this shouldn’t be a concern. No matter where they apply in the country or who helps you receive the information, it will take longer to receive the necessary information from other countries. Keeping the candidate in the loop during the process will go a long way in them continuing to consider your job offer should it come.

Many companies hire from within their own country so they don’t think that they need to complete any international background checks. This is a common misconception as the person might not have lived in the country their entire life. There are other misconceptions that should be understood before checking the background of a potential employee. These are three common misconceptions about the need to complete global background checks.