Top 3 Best Internet Plans from the Most Trusted Providers

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In Australia, the Internet has become our partner when it comes to gaining knowledge despite being stuck in the four corners of our homes. With just one click, you can immediately search for the information you need to accomplish a task or if you plan to learn something new.

It is indeed the advancement we never knew we need because regardless of where we are, as long as you have the Internet by our side, we can go places. Various news articles showcase how children commit activities people thought they could not do but, with the help of the Internet, they were able to perform the task correctly.

With that in mind, you should be knowledgeable about how the Internet works because even though it provides a positive outcome to people, it can be harmful to the well-being of an individual as well. It can expose too much information about a person and broadcast it to the world, and various sites are not appropriate for audiences. Nevertheless, it would be best if you always were mindful when you are clicking and surfing the Internet. 

Still, with the help of a quality telecommunications company who provides the best Internet plans Melbourne wide and in other areas of the country, you can acquire fast-speed connection access, unlike no other.

Here is a list of the internet bundles offered by the most trusted telcos which you can enjoy with your family.

Tangerine Telecom XL Speed Boost Broadband Plan

Tangerine offers a 14-day risk-free trial of any of their packages to build the trust of their customers and to prove that their services are the best. With this system, they established; indeed, they gained tons of customers who remained loyal to them across time.

With this XL speed boost plan, you can enjoy a special promo price of $59.90 for the first six months and an amount of $69.90 for the next months in the contract. With a typical evening speed of 42 MBPS indeed, you and your family can enjoy a lag-free connection any time of the day.

Standard Plus (NBN50) TPG SL Bundle

TPG is one of the most trusted and well-known telecommunications companies in the industry because of its wide range of users across the country. They indeed established the company in the best way possible since people opt to choose their company despite the competitors around the area.

With the SL bundle, you can enjoy an Internet speed of 50 MBPS at an amount of $69.99 every month with no additional charges unless you choose the modem to be delivered in your place. But, if you plan to pick it up at the TPG branch located near you, then, no surcharge will be added to your total expenses. 

Standard Plus (NBN50) Unlimited Dodo Broadband Plan with Home Phone Line Rental 

Dodo garnered a vast amount of users in the previous years because of their straightforward service, which can be easily understood by different individuals, especially the ones who are not tech-savvy. People who have a hard time understanding the telecommunications industry and how it works tends to choose their company as their service provider.

With the broadband plan provided by Dodo, you can enjoy unlimited Internet access to a speed of 50MBPS every month at a monthly cost of $70.00. It has an inclusion of modem, flexible contract, and a line rental perfect for individuals who use the phone line almost all day long. 


In the long run, it would be best to entrust your internet connection service not only to the most well-trusted company but to the one that would work best in your work set-up or even for daily use. It would be best if you were wise and mindful about the services you acquire because earning a living is not easy at all.

Therefore, by inquiring about different companies you can choose and think about which one offers the best Internet plans that would not compromise your monthly budget. It is always recommended to ask advice from professionals or even your colleagues to know their experiences when it comes to the telecommunications industry.