Tips For Organizing A Party

For many, this season of isolation has been very complicated; that’s why we have to make it count when we have the opportunity to get together with our loved ones in a safe way. So if you have in mind to celebrate a party or have a get together with friends or family. However, it can also be memorable if your wallet is left empty, or worse, you acquire debt. That’s why we share with you a guide to plan a successful event and consider the expenses you will incur.

First of all, define the type or theme of the party, this can be to celebrate an engagement or an achievement, receive or say goodbye to a friend, gather family and friends for a holiday. Having a clear idea of the type of event will allow you to define the entire organization and answer the following questions.

  • How many people will attend?
  • When, where, and at what time will the event take place?
  • What type of food and beverages will I offer?
  • What type of decoration will be needed?
  • How will invitations be made?
  • Will special attire be required?
  • Should I hire any entertainment?
  • Do I need to provide any “souvenirs”?
  • Does the celebration require any other type of ceremony?

Make a list. Lists are a must when you are planning to do something, as they will help you make sure you will have everything you need at the right time. When you organize a party, lists are even more critical as every detail is essential, and with it, you can be sure that you won’t miss anything.

Here we have made a list of everything you might need at a party or event, most of which can be found at wholesale party supplies. Everything you see may not be exactly what you are going to include, so you can change it to your liking or add things to make it custom made for you; take a look at your nearest wholesale party supplies store sometimes if you buy several items in the same place, they can offer you an attractive discount.

Party essentials



Decorations around the theme



Cups and glasses



Cake decorations

Utensils for serving food and cake

Food and drinks for a party

Cake, pancake, or pie

Snacks (chips, popcorn, etc.)

Main food



Gifts and souvenirs

Game prizes

Goodie bags for each child


Equipment for rent (bounce house, DJ, food machines, chairs)

Artists or entertainment (face painting, magicians, clowns, etc.)

Games and activities

Accessories for games

Craft props

Music/DVD or a



Decorations and video


Cleaning supplies 


Remember that you are generally very busy when you plan a party, especially on the day of the celebration, so make sure you have someone assigned to take care of your baby that day.  It can be your sister, husband, parents or a good friend. The important thing is that someone will give your baby your full attention to prevent accidents at the party or other inconveniences.

Besides, this way you will be able to attend to your guests with more peace of mind and maybe even have some fun!

Take into account the ideal space for the party. Think about how everyone will be more comfortable and what your capacity is to attend them. Will you need waiters? Can you afford food for that number of people? 

Look for your guests to RSVP. On the one hand, people arrive late or sometimes don’t show up at all, and on the other hand, there may be more guests than scheduled, so don’t forget to ask if they will bring chaperones. The cost of any event can rise significantly as the number of attendees increases, and if they don’t go, it will be a big waste.