Pros and Cons of Progressive Glasses, That Make Them What They Are

Progressive glasses have been in demand lately thanks to their undeniably amazing features. Yet, they have been a hot topic for debate with a small part of the crowd questioning if they are worth it. Besides, they are also compared to bifocals which perform a similar function. Yet progressives make the better option.

So, what is so special about them? And what’s not? Let’s unravel these advantages and disadvantages of progressive glasses. If you have been thinking about buying a pair for yourself, this article will help you decide.

Pros of Progressive Glasses

  1. They have more than two focal points.

Unlike single vision glasses and bifocals, progressive glasses have various focal points. These divide the lenses into three parts. One is the part at the top which helps with vision correction at farther distances. Another one is the part at the bottom that is for objects at a close range.

The third and the final one is the part in the middle that helps with stuff at intermediate distance. For example, your laptop. Thanks to the intermediate section, you don’t have to experience any blurred vision while looking at objects that are neither too close by nor very far.

  1. They look appealing.

Progressive glasses don’t have a dividing line like bifocals do, which are the only alternative to progressives. This lack of dividing line makes the glasses look much more impressive and give youthful vibes. After all, no one gets to know about your ageing and weakening eyes with progressive glasses, that a dividing line in bifocals makes extremely clear.

  1. They are easy to get used to compared to bifocals.

The dividing line in bifocals is not only unappealing, but it’s also very distracting. Because of this dividing line, it becomes difficult for people to adjust to the never-ending vision distortion quickly. In fact, many people don’t adjust to bifocals even after months and have to then give up on them eventually.

  1. They give no eye shockers.

Moving your eyes between the different sections of the lens in progressive glasses is pretty smooth and offers no discomfort. All thanks to the intermediate focal point section in the middle. But if you choose bifocals or reading glasses instead, you will have to experience the sudden change in power when moving your eyes from a near object to a farther one and vice versa.

  1. They are all-in-one.

You can wear progressive glasses for all kinds of activities. Whether it’s reading the car’s dashboard close at hand, or it’s reading the sign at the far end of the road. Essentially, you can also comfortably see everything present at an intermediate distance. Be it the number of the car that’s driving in front of you.

Cons of Progressive Glasses 

  1. Adjusting

Learning to adjust to wearing progressive glasses takes anywhere between 5-6 days to two weeks. Unlike other kinds of glasses, we don’t get used to progressives within a couple of days. Tripping on the same stairs you have been climbing since years is an easy way for anyone to know you are in the adjusting period. Peripheral vision gets distorted for the time being as well. Nothing’s good about this period, apart from the fact that it’s temporary and soon these glasses with lenses of various focal points will become a natural part of your being.

  1. Cost

The material used in progressive glasses to make it denser, lighter and also thinner at the same time makes it expensive. Also, since the design without the dividing line as in bifocals is a result of using high-end technology, the cost rises.

Hope this list of pros and cons helped you make a decision. For most people, the pros overcome the cons. That’s because adjusting to varifocal glasses – yes, that’s there another name- is only a temporary period. And the cost is more like an investment and less an expenditure for the incredible experience you get with progressive glasses.

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