How to Double Your Points with These Tips on Fantasy Cricket?

How to Double Your Points with These Tips on Fantasy Cricket?

In this blog, we will talk about top 5 tips to help you improve your game and double your score in fantasy cricket leagues:-

  1. First, understand the points system. 

Before you form a team, you need to understand how the points system works in fantasy cricket. Which players can bring you more points and which players can bring you bonus points. The points system works differently in each format (ODI, T20, Test).

Fantasy leagues cricket awards points for the following events.

  • A bowler gets a wicket
  • A batsman scores a run
  • W/K for catching or hitting the ball
  • A batsman gets a boundary point (4,6)
  • A fielder catches the ball
  • A pitcher’s save
  • Pitt scored the lowest number of runs (3.5)
  • The pitcher’s first pitch
  • A batter’s breaking run (50,100)

Some events also earn negative runs

  • A batter strikes out as a Duck. (0)
  • A measure of whether a player’s economy is above a set standard.
  • A batter’s economy rate is below the set standard.
  1. A field suitable for batsmen will bring more runs, so be sure to choose a suitable top-order batsman. Similarly, a field suitable for bowlers will bring more bounces and wickets, so be sure to choose fast bowlers and good professional batsmen. There are three types of pitches.
  • Dead ball – This pitch is for batsmen who can score runs on it and does not make any sense for bowlers.
  • Dusty pitches – This pitch is for spin bowlers, so choose good spinners who can pick up a lot of balls.
  • Green pitch – This pitch allows seam bowlers to move. Seam bowlers reflect their level of play with fast and swinging deliveries.

3 – Check your team after the lineup is announced – 

It is very important that the basic rule to win in fantasy cricket is that every player you select must play. The lineup is confirmed about 30-60 minutes before the match. After the announcement, you will know if each player will play or not. You can replace players who do not play with players who will play in that game immediately after the lineup is announced in the fantasy points system, without waiting.

  1. Always choose the 2 highest order batsmen for your team, as they will score the most runs. Also, since they come to play in the early stages, they are more likely to have time to settle down and play their best fantasy games. The problem with picking batters fourth or lower in the order is that they may not have a chance to hit. Pick at least 2 versatile players for your team who will get points for hitting and pitching.
  2. Choose your captain and co-captain wisely. The captain also gets 2 times the points for all runs scored and the vice-captain gets 1.5 times the points. Choose a player that you think can make a difference in the game or can be a safe player.