Different Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Kids

Different Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Kids

When you are looking for a way to become a better parent, there is no specific theory or approach you can follow. Different adults need to learn things on the go because every child has a different personality and needs. They also have a unique set of problems that evolve as they grow. Hence, there is no one-size-fits-all approach and there are distinct ways to address your kids’ problems. 

One of the things that you should always have in mind is that there is no such thing as a perfect child or perfect parent. There is no need to have expectations or become perfect but work hard to learn from your mistakes and become a better parent. For this, you can look at different tutorials and learn from the experts on YouTube or programs that air on Xfinity TV channels

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Appreciate Your Kids for Attributes

Every kid has a specific set of personality traits, and as a parent, you need to enhance them. For this, you must express appreciation for their attributes by complimenting them regularly. Doing so not only boosts your child’s self-esteem but also helps them become a more confident individual. 

Besides this, it motivates them to grow and chase the dreams they might want to achieve later in life. For instance, appreciating your kid’s creativity can help them become a creative individual and will encourage them to do better in life. 

Have a Calm Tone When Communicating With Your Kids

Yelling or shouting at anyone, especially at young kids is not appropriate. You should also refrain from using all types of corporal punishments on your child and raising your voice at them.

Thankfully, there are several other ways to make them realize that they have done something wrong. If you think you need to discuss anything with your kids, you can calmly discuss the consequences they might have to face for their actions. After that, you can proceed with the repercussions to make them feel accountable for their actions. 

Make Sure To Be With Them

Good parents always try to make time for their kids daily and spend quality time with them. During this time, it is a good idea to be an active listener and know about things your kids have learned throughout the day, people they have met, their friends, etc. 

This requires you to put aside all the potential factors that can distract you, cause interruptions, etc. during your one-on-one conversation with your kids. Ask them open-ended questions that lead you into a dialogue and provide more insight about your kid’s life at school, at home, and playground. 

Develop an Interest/Hobby You Can Enjoy

It is a good idea to let your kids select a hobby that you can enjoy with your kids and spend time doing. You can do this activity daily, weekly, or monthly to spend some quality time together. For this, it is a good idea to come out of your comfort zone and perform those activities with your kids. It will create a closer bond between you and your kids, and also allow you to see your kids in a different light. 

Show Long-term Affection toward Your Child

It takes some time to release the happy chemicals in your brain when you show affection to a child. This means that you should hug your kids a little longer and show your emotions toward them. This will take your relationship with your kids to a different level and make them realize that you are there for them. 

Try To Be a Proactive Parent

It is good to be a proactive parent and teach your kids new skills according to their age. For instance, you should ask questions as you recite a bedtime story at night and see if your kids comprehend the gist of the story. This can help them learn new things like new words, ways to handle real-life situations, etc. You can also use this unique technique to help your kids learn counting/math and other skills easily. 


In the end, one can say that there is no unique way to improve your relationships with your kids and help them become better individuals. One of the most important things to do is to be with your kid(s) and show your support for anything constructive they want to achieve. For instance, if they want to become a better artist, make sure that you appreciate their effort and help them enhance their skill. This will help them become more confident and stronger in life. 

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