7 careers for people interested in sports

7 careers for people interested in sports

Not everyone can be a world-class athlete. Even if you manage to get into college on a sports scholarship, the chances of making it in the big leagues are still relatively slim. That’s why it’s good to have a backup option, especially if you still want to have a career in sports. This article will show you some of the best careers for people interested in sports. 


  • Marketing 


Sports is one of the biggest industries in the world. And in every global industry, there are tons of opportunities to work in sports marketing. You could work for a pro sports team, a sporting equipment supplier, or a sporting events company. As someone who is already interested in sports, you will have an advantage over other marketers because you already understand the industry. 


  • Statisticians


Sports is a statistics industry. Sports fans want to know who has scored the most home runs, which sports teams make the most money, and who is likely to be the next big star. To answer these questions, you need to understand the stats behind the games. If you are talented at math, this could be the perfect career. You get to spend all day watching and analyzing games. 


  • Physical Therapists


Physical therapy is an essential part of sports, from high school to pro leagues. As someone who understands the human body, you can become a huge asset to a sports team. You will get to work closely with the players and help them achieve greatness. 


  • General Managers


Most general managers are former players. But you don’t need a glittering resume like a professional sports star to manage a team. However, you will need an appropriate college degree (in sports management or something similar) and a huge knowledge of the game. You could easily move from an athletic scholarship into this sort of role. This is one of the most exciting careers for people interested in sports. 


  • Sport Psychologists


As sport has become a multi-billion dollar global industry, there has been a huge push to understand the psychology behind the players. This helps teams achieve success and helps players perform at the highest level. To get into this line of work, you will need a psychology degree and plenty of experience. 


  • Sports Agents


If you have natural business acumen, you should consider becoming a sports agent. You will act as the middleman between players and teams. You will broker the deals, act on behalf of your client, and make a lot of money in the process. Be warned, though, sports agents aren’t the best-loved people in the sports industry, so it’s not a career for the faint-hearted. 


  • Athletic Trainers 


You might think that sports stars know everything about exercise and conditioning. But the truth is, behind each team is an army of athletic trainers keeping the players fit. This is an excellent career if you have an interest in both fitness and science. You will probably have to work your way up to working with professional athletes, though. This will include getting a sports science degree and working in a gym for years before you apply.