Image courtesy of Christa Holka & Alexander Innes

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Lemonade and Laughing Gas   


Blanch & Shock


Lemonade and Laughing Gas create experiences and events to make your senses pop. Working with design, performance, sound and video, they like to dabble in the dreamlike, extraordinary, curious and silly. Passionate about working in unusual spaces, they have created events all over London and the UK, including a disused pickle factory, an old radio studio and a faded regency ballroom.


Blanch & Shock design food for diverse events and projects across the UK and beyond. They use food to explore and illustrate ideas, often in collaboration with performers and visual artists. Their past work includes exploding cakes, edible perfumes and the occasional member of the audience served up for dinner.



Wild Turkey Bourbon is proud to be headline spirits sponsor of The Owls Are Not What They Seem. It’s a bourbon with attitude and like the Twin Peaks experience, it stands out - bold, spicy and different with a fuller flavour. Wild Turkey is the antithesis of a one-size-fits-all, diluted existence. It has life to it – it’s not manufactured and subdued to please the masses. For over 100 Wild Turkey has stayed true to making bourbon this way – the way it’s meant to be made.

* Please note this production is not in any way sponsored or endorsed by David Lynch, the Twin Peaks television series, or ShowTime. 


Imagery by Christa Holka & Alexander Innes